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rachel eva lim

Rachel Eva Lim

Senior Editor, INSEAD Knowledge


Rachel Eva Lim is a Senior Editor at INSEAD Knowledge.

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It's the Journey, Not the Destination

N. Klein, R. E. Lim

Including information about your career journey can help convey warmth in written professional introductions.


Democracy, Defence and Conflict in the Age of AI

Rachel Eva Lim

How can we ensure that AI fosters, rather than undermines, democratic values?


Scaling Innovation in Genetics and Precision Medicine

Rachel Eva Lim

How biotech start-ups can identify and solidify their customer base, scale their operations and unlock the full potential of precision medicine.


What Machine Learning Tells Us About Gender Stereotypes

Rachel Eva Lim

Machine-learning models offer insights into how putting women in leadership positions affects gender stereotypes in the workplace.


The Future of Food: New Tech to Save the World

Rachel Eva Lim

Could innovative, tech-driven solutions be key to fixing our broken food systems?

Leadership & Organisations

Navigating the New World of Work

Rachel Eva Lim

Firms need to focus on building an inclusive environment and a culture of trust to overcome the challenges of remote or hybrid work.