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Renita Kalhorn


Renita Kalhorn (INSEAD MBA '95J) is an executive coach who’s worked with 1,000+ high-performers in 40+ countries, from Fortune 500 executives to serial entrepreneurs and start-up founders. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs in deep/high tech and military Special Forces teams to level up their leadership in complex, uncertain environments.

Renita has lived and worked in the US, Asia, and Europe, delivering leadership and development programs for multinational clients such as Deutsche Bank, Pfizer and AstraZeneca and start-up communities at General Assembly, WeWork and NUMA. Earlier in her career, Renita spent 15 years in management and business development roles at online healthcare, new media and technology companies.

Renita frequently provides insights on leadership and high performance, writing for Forbes

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Leadership & Organisations

Three Dimensions of Leadership Agility

Renita Kalhorn

There is one certainty in a VUCA world: The solution that works today may not work tomorrow.

Leadership & Organisations

What Servant Leadership Is Not

There’s no magic formula for servant leadership, but there are a few common misconceptions about what it means to put your team’s needs first.

Leadership & Organisations

What to Do When Stress Puts You in “Survival Mode”

Do you believe that constant stress is unavoidable? Good for performance? Actually, neither is true.