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Ridhima Aggarwal


Ridhima Aggarwal is the Salmon and Rameau Director with the James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Centre for the Study of Wealth Inequality and the Healthcare Management Initiative (HMI) at INSEAD, where she oversees activities of the two research centres, including overall management of the school’s healthcare and wealth inequality-focused efforts. Her role includes engaging with internal and external industry stakeholders, as well as developing pedagogical content for the school’s executive and degree programmes focused on issues of healthcare innovation and value creation, and the economic and social implications of wealth inequality.

Ridhima’s corporate experience includes working with the cardiovascular business unit at Medtronic in Switzerland to conduct a multi-country analysis of the role of DRG systems in medical device innovation across Europe, and consulting in the areas of market access and reimbursement for pharmaceutical clients in Europe. In addition, she spend several years working in New York and Philadelphia at UnitedHealthcare, a leading global managed care organization where she served in marketing strategy and program management roles for the company’s commercial and Medicare lines of business.

Ridhima holds an undergraduate degree, magna cum laude, in Public Health, an MBA in Health Care Administration, and an MSc in Health Economics from the London School of Economics.

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