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Ron Soonieus

Ron Soonieus


Ron is a boardroom and corporate governance advisor. He works with boards and senior management to make responsibility and forward thinking a value-capturing reality, turning today’s social, environmental, economic, and technological transformations into a source of lasting competitive advantage. He specialises in setting board agenda to focus on creating long-term value while navigating near term challenges, bridging the divide between competing stakeholder interests and provide guidance on the tough choices faced by management.

Ron works as a Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Director in Residence at INSEAD and is founder and board member at Radix CBPS, a think tank centred around business, politics and society. He is also a member of the board and chair of the audit committee at the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire in The Netherlands, and member of the INSEAD International Directors Network.

As Director in Residence at INSEAD, Ron focusses on the role of the board on long-term value creation in close cooperation with the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre. He has written articles and papers published in media such as the Harvard Business Review (HBR), (Dutch) Financial Times, Management & Business Review (MBR), IFC Word Bank Group, Management Scope, INSEAD Knowledge, and the European Financial Review.

Ron gained extensive experience in executive roles and on boards of companies throughout Europe, Middle East, India, United States and South America. He has worked with organisations in a variety of sectors including financial services, private equity, high tech industry, manufacturing, ICT, professional services and non-profit.

Ron studied international management and business administration at the University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom) and INSEAD (France) and is an alumnus of the INSEAD Non-Executive Directors Programme. He was named “world leading management thinker” by Management & Business Review (MBR), one of the world’s “100 Green Board Members” and a winner of the EFMD case competition with INSEAD’s business case “Barry Callebaut: Forever Chocolate”.

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Leadership & Organisations

How Leadership Shapes Sustainability Governance

Ron Soonieus

Amid regulatory and societal pressures to meet sustainability standards, strong personal leadership in the boardroom is needed to ensure competitive advantage and corporate longevity.


Climate Change Gets Up Close and Personal for Board Members

Ron Soonieus

Shell’s directors are the first to face legal action for mismanaging climate risk. Two new INSEAD reports offer advice to board members seeking to avoid the same fate.


Leading Climate Strategy From the Board

R. Soonieus, L. Besland, A. Breeden

Many boards fail to walk the talk when it comes to fighting climate change. Here are some straightforward solutions for directors.
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The Sustainability Imperative for the Legal Profession

N. C. Smith, R. Soonieus

Lawyers should step up to help the world seize its “last best chance”.


How Boards Can Steer Companies to “Build Back Better”

N. Craig Smith & Ron Soonieus

The momentum for sustainability is strong despite misgivings over current financial strains. Few businesses can afford to ignore it.


Sustainability and the Five Archetypes of Boardroom Behaviour

N. Craig Smith & Ron Soonieus

When it comes to "walking the talk" of sustainability, the type of board directors matters.