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Sami Mahroum


Dr. Sami Mahroum is Academic and Executive Director of INSEAD's Innovation and Policy Initiative. He has a PhD in Science and Technology Policy & Human Resources from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the Helmut-Schmidt University (Bundeswehr University-Hamburg). He spent part of his PhD training at the Department of Geography, University College London, and at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies in Seville, Spain.

Dr. Mahroum is a Research Director of Britain's National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts and a Visiting Reader at the School of Management, Birkbeck College, University of London.

Read case studies by Sami here.

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Leadership & Organisations

The Human Factor in Digital Transformation Projects

How the people working in government manage tech-driven innovation.

Economics & Finance

Governments: The Next Heroes of Innovation

As the world’s biggest buyers of goods and services, governments can play a starring role in the pursuit of knowledge-economy reforms.


The Innovative Flair Arab Inventors Bring to America

S. Mahroum, G. Zahradnik & B. Dachs

Our research shows the impact Arab and Middle Eastern inventors have had on innovation in the U.S.

Economics & Finance

Building a Cluster from the Outside In

Abu Dhabi’s diversification strategy rests in part on laying the seeds of future industries overseas while preparing for their reception at home.


An OPEC for Migrant Labour?

A labour-exporting cartel could empower migrant workers and the economies which rely on their remittances.


Start-Ups: Growth Engines of the Middle East

Despite the Middle East’s pervasive aversion to risk and tribal business culture, online start–ups are injecting energy into local markets.