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Shellie Karabell


Shellie Karabell is Director and Executive Editor of INSEAD Knowledge.

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Economics & Finance

Can Europe Regain Its Once-Competitive Edge?

The continent has educated talent, a huge population, and massive wealth. It also has rigid labour laws, crushing tax systems and a bias against risk-taking.

Leadership & Organisations

Women on boards: No quotas...yet

EU to vote on controversial issue next month; INSEAD corporate governance leaders weigh in.
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Global Innovation Index 2012

Report shows Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore most innovative.


Competing for the cloud

Cloud computing has made life easy for millions of users. But it’s a different story for software companies providing those cloud-based services: the field is small, the game is fast and the battle for dominance is fierce. SAP is determined to win.

Economics & Finance

So it’s the euro, not the drachma…

New Democracy won a narrow victory in the recent Greek election and is on the verge of forming a three-party coalition government. What’s going to be interesting is to see how the new government is going to renegotiate the bailout with the “Troika‟ (European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Central Bank).


What is our networked readiness?

When the INSEAD/WEF Global Information Technology Report was created 11 years ago, the countries with the most fixed-line telephones were the best-connected in the world. Today, it’s a much different story.