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So Yeon Chun

Associate Professor of Technology and Operations Management


So Yeon Chun is an Associate Professor of Technology & Operations Management. Prior to joining INSEAD, Professor Chun was a faculty at Georgetown University.

Professor Chun’s data-driven research focuses on the operations with consumer loyalty reward programs and point currencies (consumer payment choices, monetization of loyalty points, pricing in points and money, customer lifetime values, and behavior experiments), revenue management (pricing and forecasting), and risk management (risk measures, portfolio optimization) with applications to retail, transportation, finance, and hospitality industries. Her interdisciplinary research has appeared in top academic journals in operations and marketing. She also holds several industry patents for demand analysis and decision support systems.

Professor Chun has been teaching business analytics courses such as Business Statistics, Probability, Statistical Method, and Time Series. At INSEAD she is teaching the Analytics for Real Business Impact: The Art of Why (ARBI) MBA course and PhD courses on Fundamentals of Operations.

Professor Chun holds a PhD in Operations Research, a MS in Applied Statistics from the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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The Optimal Design of Loyalty Programmes

S. Y. Chun, A. Ovchinnikov

Revenue-based loyalty programmes yield better profits, but consumers don’t have to be on the losing end.