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Steven Sweldens


Steven Sweldens is Endowed Professor of Consumer Behavior and Marketing at RSM Erasmus University, Director of Doctoral Education at the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), and Distinguished Research Fellow at INSEAD.

Steven's research interests center on the psychological laws underlying advertising and the creation of brand attitudes. The importance of this research was recognized with several awards, winning for example the EMAC McKinsey Award for the best European Marketing Dissertation, was runner-up for the American Marketing Association John A. Howard Award for the worldwide best marketing dissertation, and won several Dutch national awards. His work was published in the top scientific journals in marketing (Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research), psychology (Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Personality and Social Psychology Review) and OB (Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes).

At INSEAD, Steven taught courses in marketing strategy (MBA), social psychological foundations of management (PhD), experimental design (PhD) and marketing in the financial sector (executive education). His teaching skills were lauded repeatedly with the Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in MBA Teaching. He published a case study on the Renova Paper Company, which became an instant best-seller and won the highest award at the ECCH Case Awards in 2012 as the fastest selling new case in business education.

At RSM Erasmus University, Steven teaches the marketing core course in RSM’s MBA and EMBA programs.

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