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Thomas Hellwig

Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour


Prof Dr Thomas Hellwig works as a researcher, teachers and programme director for INSEAD in the field of Organisational Behaviour. He is a trained physician with a doctorate in psychotherapy and an MBA from INSEAD. He is also a graduate of the Tavistock Institute for group relations (London).

At INSEAD Thomas teaches in the MBA-, open enrolment and company specific programmes. He is an experienced programme director, designing learning journeys and programmes for companies from a wide range of sectors. He covers many subjects of leadership and organisational behaviour. His special interests are in the areas of executive teams, leading change, organisational culture and executive health & stress. He is a regular presenter at international leadership conferences. He works not only in the classical classroom setting but uses also frequently different methods of experiential learning in his programmes and classes.
He has been working with senior executives individually and in groups for 10 years, both as a private consultant and in executive education. His international clients include senior executives from the following industries: pharmacological, automotive, banking, consulting and service industry, telecommunication and electronic, airlines, IT and NGOs.

As a medical doctor with the experience of working for 20 years in some of the leading hospitals in three different European countries, Thomas leverages his insights and first hand experience from managing high-performing medical teams in stressful situations (emergency, cardiology and cancer medicine). His doctorate in psychotherapy allows him to have the depth and experience to help his clients also to handle difficult psychological situations.

Thomas and his Spanish wife have three children and live in France. He works throughout Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia. He speaks fluently English, French, Spanish and German, his native language. He likes long distance running and Salsa dancing.

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