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Tianyu He


Year of entry: 2016
LLB Sociology, Peking University;
BS Psychology, Peking University;
MA Sociology, Emory University.

Tianyu studies how various bases of hierarchy impact people and teams in organizations. In one line of research, Tianyu examines how different forms of the hierarchy may foster or forestall team performance by influencing team processes. In another line of research, Tianyu examines the experiences of people in financially-based hierarchies. Specifically, Tianyu examines how experiences of financial vulnerability and economic adversity inform people’s cognitions and assumptions about their work environment.

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Leadership & Organisations

Cancelled by Association: How Stigma Spreads in Different Cultures

Tianyu He

The tendency to stigmatise others for misdeeds committed by family members appears to extend to even acquaintances and is stronger in close-knit cultures.

Leadership & Organisations

Your History With Money Affects How You Negotiate

The mindset fostered by financial scarcity hinders the pursuit of win-win outcomes.
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