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Venugopal Gupta


Venu is a start-up specialist and runs a venture acceleration programme that helps early-stage start-ups build their ideas into sustainable businesses.

With more than sixteen years of experience as an entrepreneur and as a part of senior management at multinational corporations, he has keen insight into strategic initiatives and how they shape organisational goals and outcomes. As Country Manager for an emerging market real estate investment firm and Head of Corporate Development for a global industrial real estate investment leader, his roles have spanned corporate development, joint ventures and building execution teams. 

Venu holds an MBA from INSEAD and his articles on business strategy have been featured by prominent global knowledge platforms. He is the author of “The Business Parables” and curates a large collection of stories from mythology, history and folklore that bear critical business lessons.

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Leadership & Organisations

One Question Leaders Should Ask Themselves

Creativity and innovation are unlocked by leaders who enable others.


Looking for the Right Co-Founders

Character is just as important as capability. Conviction will come later.
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What’s the Story of Your Start-up?

Great stories and great start-ups share similar principles.


Safety Culture Needed to Tackle Climate Change

To get people to take climate change seriously, adopt the rituals of worker safety campaigns.


Innovation: Not a Straight Arrow

Great innovators don’t necessarily follow straight paths. Often a winding path can shape their defining inventions.
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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Authors

Authors, like entrepreneurs, agonise about making their work a big success. But “best-seller obsession” can take them down the wrong path.