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Veronika Zagieva


Veronika Zagieva is a Director at the Talent Equity Institute, an internal Research & Development division of Ward Howell. She specialises in research on the topics of leadership and corporate governance (boards of directors, CEO succession). In collaboration with Professor Stanislav Shekshnia, Veronika completed a number of research projects for INSEAD business school, World Economic Forum, Forbes Russia, Forbes Kazakhstan, etc. Veronika joined Ward Howell in 2011 and first focused on executive search projects. Prior to joining Ward Howell she worked in the press relations office of one of the government agencies.

Veronika graduated from the Moscow State University in 2011 where she studied political science.

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Leadership & Organisations

A Checklist for Boards in the New Normal

S. Shekshnia, V. Zagieva, M. Nazarova

Covid-19 has spurred corporate boards to improvise new practices while keeping those that have served them well. Here’s a run-down.

Leadership & Organisations

Pandemic or No, It’s Business as Usual for Boards

S. Shekshnia, V. Zagieva, M. Nazarova

For now, corporate boards prefer to keep the status quo – and the long view – in the face of Covid-19 upheaval.

Leadership & Organisations

Putting More Women at the Helm of Corporate Boards

Stanislav Shekshnia, Veronika Zagieva & Victoria Zimina

Women make great board chairs. If only there were more of them.

Family Business

Russia’s Stealth Family Businesses

S. Shekshnia, V. Zagieva, A. Matveeva

A challenging environment and historical baggage hinder Russian family companies from achieving their full potential.

Leadership & Organisations

Agile Boards of Directors: A Fad or the Future?

Veronika Zagieva & Stanislav Shekshnia

Some Agile principles can be counterproductive in the boardroom, while others can help.

Leadership & Organisations

Turbulent Times Call for Athletic Leaders

S. Shekshnia; V. Zagieva; A. Ulanovsky

CEOs who can turn turmoil into triumph have many personality traits in common with world-class athletes.