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 Three Steps of Successful Turnarounds

Vikas A. Aggarwal

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise


Vikas Aggarwal is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise and Academic Co-Director, Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI) at INSEAD. His research centers on strategy issues in entrepreneurial settings, focusing on venture-backed start-ups as well as larger firms experiencing significant environmental change. He is particularly interested in the interdependencies that occur across multiple strategic decisions and the implications of these decision portfolios for outcomes, such as innovation and long-run performance. His work examines sectors such as biotechnology, software, and the US defence industry, and combines empirical studies with agent-based simulations.

Prior to beginning his academic career Professor Aggarwal was an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, where he worked with the founding team of to develop the start-up’s core revenue streams and grow the company through multiple rounds of venture financing. He also held positions in strategy consulting and investment banking, and served as an independent consultant to a range of firms in the technology and transportation industries.

Professor Aggarwal holds a PhD from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT, and an AB in Economics from Princeton University.

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Solving Grand Societal Challenges Through Creative Organisation Design

A. Szerb, I. Kivleniece, V. A. Aggarwal

Combining for-profit entrepreneurship with a non-profit social mission through novel organisation design can achieve scale and impact.


What to Do With Contrarians?

H. Piezunka, V. Aggarwal, H. Posen

Even when they are wrong, those who think differently add value to an organisation.
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The Central Conundrum of Covid-19 Entrepreneurship

Vikas A. Aggarwal

A recently released report reveals how one entrepreneurial ecosystem is responding to the pandemic.


The Innovator’s Imitation Dilemma: TikTok and Facebook in Context

J. Davis, V. Aggarwal

Even with a backer like Microsoft, innovators must outrace copycats like Facebook and others who share the spoils of imitation among themselves.


The Double-Edged Sword of Being a Lean Start-up

Experimentation is vital in early-stage start-ups, but it involves a set of trade-offs that can influence a firm’s ability to adapt to future technological change.

Leadership & Organisations

Maximising Innovation with Diversity

Bringing people from different backgrounds together to work in teams can help generate new ideas, but creating diversity across teams can unlock even greater innovation.
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