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Zennon Kapron


Zennon is the founder and Director of Kapronasia, a Shanghai-based financial industry research firm, and has been involved in the financial technology industry for over 15 years. Before Kapronasia, Zennon was the Global Banking Industry Manager for Intel based out of Shanghai, China and the CIO for Citigroup Portugal. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Syracuse University and an MBA from INSEAD. Zennon is also the author of 'Chomping at the Bitcoin: The History and Future of Bitcoin in China’ published by Penguin. 

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Economics & Finance

Margin Call on Overleveraged China

The explosion in margin lending has fuelled a baseless rally in the Shanghai Composite, but the magnitude of leverage in the stock market is still coming to light.


What Apple Pay Means for China

The launch of Apple Pay is tipped to make a profound impact on the payments industry in the United States and potentially Europe, but can it compete in China?
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