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Corporate governance

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Will China’s Internet Giants Conquer the World?

G. Chen, J. Li

Dissecting the success and strategies of Chinese internet firms as more of them venture overseas.

Leadership & Organisations

How to Show Compassion Without Compromising on Performance

M. Mortensen, H. K. Gardner

Many leaders think they have to choose between delivering results and supporting employees’ needs. They don’t – but doing both sustainably requires careful navigation.

Economics & Finance

Biden’s Misguided Tax on Share Buybacks

Theo Vermaelen

The Biden administration’s ideological distaste for companies purchasing their own stock may do more harm than good.

Leadership & Organisations

What Religion Teaches Us About Great Leadership

Elizabeth Florent Treacy

What can guiding figures and best practices in Judaism, Islam and Catholicism tell us about leadership?
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Leadership & Organisations

What the World Can Learn From Nordic Boards

S. Shekshnia, S. B. Jensen, L. Engstam

Proactive, engaged and democratic, corporate boards in Nordic countries are well-placed to deal with today’s increasingly complex operating environments.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes. They May Just Have More Willpower

Amit Bhattacharjee

We instinctively see people with stronger self-control as more virtuous and more capable of realising good intentions.


How Family-Work Conflict Keeps Us Glued to Our Mobile Phones

C. Trombini, M. Magni, M. Ahuja

Torn between family obligations and work, many people can’t resist working on their phones after hours, creating a downward spiral for their well-being and home life.

Family Business

When Two Leaders Collide, the Result Can Be Less Fraud

Y. Guo, X. R. Luo, D. Li

When the head of a family firm ranks lower in the family hierarchy than another leader at that firm, the misalignment can help prevent fraud in the emerging market context.

Leadership & Organisations

Should Employees Be Allowed to Choose What They Want to Do?

P. Puranam, M. Raveendran

The degree of specialisation is the deciding factor.

Leadership & Organisations

The Pursuit of Purpose May Be Harming Your Organisation

Winnie Jiang

People who see their work as a calling tend to be regarded as better employees, with unintended consequences for co-workers as well as their organisation.
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Family Business

A Different Kind of Family Firm Hiding in Plain Sight

Morten Bennedsen

The link between ownership and control is tenuous in a certain type of family firm.


CEOs Who Play to Type Win the Market

Guoli Chen

An important CEO attribute that shapes firm strategies such as mergers and acquisitions is uncovered.


Encouraging Sustainability: Why the Business Case Isn’t Enough

M. Le Menestrel, J. Rode, N. Heinz, G. Cornelissen

The business case for pro-environment investments makes sense intuitively, but appealing to executives’ sense of responsibility might work better.


Do CEOs Matter?

S. H. Lee, G. Chen

Conditions that underpin the power and impact of chief executives vary widely, with remarkable results.


What Fuels Rumours and How to Put Them Out

Enver Yücesan

Unfounded rumours can be spread far and wide by anyone who knows their way around social media. We can’t stamp it out but we can – and should – fight fire with fire.