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Digital transformation

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Better Human-AI Collaboration May Depend on Workflow Design

P. Puranam, R. Mehra

Improving how humans work with algorithms could simply be a matter of redesigning workflow.


How to Shoot for the Holy Grail of Social Media Marketing

Abhishek Borah

Quality, consistent and simple messaging is what will bring in sales. The rest is just noise.

Leadership & Organisations

Creating People-Centric International Organisations With AI

R. McLachlin, K. Tatarinov, T. Ambos, P. Puranam

The United Nations is both a fascinating playground for artificial intelligence applications and a showcase of AI implementation problems and solutions.


ENGIE: Powering the Energy Transition With Data

P. Boza, T. Evgeniou, M. Sarkar

What does it take for a utility company to develop a data- and AI-driven software business?
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How the Rural-Urban Divide Plays Out on Digital Platforms

Wesley Wu-Yi Koo

Urban entrepreneurs on digital platforms have access to better offline information, which gives them an edge over rural entrepreneurs.


What the War Between Alibaba and Tencent Says About Strategy

Guoli Chen

In emerging markets or nascent industries, plan-as-you-go has proved to be a winner many times over.


The Three Essentials of B2B Digital Transformation

Joerg Niessing & Fred Geyer

The most common question we hear is, “Where do I start?” The answer is, “Where it makes the most sense from a customer’s point of view.”


Driving B2B Digital Transformation Through Customer-centricity

Three steps to go beyond classic segmentation and unpack relationships with customers.


How the Digital Economy Has Exacerbated Inequality

In today’s markets, firms and executives with even the tiniest competitive advantage grab all the spoils.
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