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A Simple Corporate Strategy for a Better Political Game

Xiaowei Rose Luo

Even within the same government, different branches may have divergent goals. Here’s how firms can play this to their advantage.


Democracy, Defence and Conflict in the Age of AI

Rachel Eva Lim

How can we ensure that AI fosters, rather than undermines, democratic values?

Economics & Finance

US-China Ties: Damage Controlled But Obstacles Ahead

Pushan Dutt

Even before the top US diplomat headed to China this week, talk of a new Cold War was unhelpful. Still, Washington and Beijing have their work cut out steering their relationship back on course.


For MNCs, Big Decisions About China Are on Ice

Hellmut Schütte

Western multinationals have put important moves on hold amid political and economic uncertainty.

Economics & Finance

China’s Economy: Dragon in Turbulence

Pushan Dutt

Anaemic growth and a crippling economic war with the United States weigh on Xi Jinping even as he cements his position as China’s most powerful leader since Mao.

Economics & Finance

A China Blockade of Taiwan Will Hurt Us All

Pushan Dutt

The global economy will bear the consequences of an all-out economic war between the United States and China should the latter try to shut off Taiwan.

Economics & Finance

Biden’s Misguided Tax on Share Buybacks

Theo Vermaelen

The Biden administration’s ideological distaste for companies purchasing their own stock may do more harm than good.

Leadership & Organisations

What It Means to Lead in a Multipolar World

H. Falcão, M. Le Menestrel

By overcoming our fears and creating a brave space for dialogue, we can relate and lead better in the new multipolar world.


Russia’s War on Ukraine: First Lessons and Outlook

Michael A. Witt

Russia loses big, China gains, and win-lose becomes a new normal.


Why Firms Should Care About the Career Stage of China’s Officials

X. R. Luo, D. Wang

Tasked with a broad range of objectives, government officials will prioritise different ones depending on their career stage and mobilise firms accordingly.