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For MNCs, Big Decisions About China are on Ice

Hellmut Schütte

Western multinationals have put important moves on hold amid political and economic uncertainty.

Economics & Finance

China’s Economy: Dragon in Turbulence

Pushan Dutt

Anaemic growth and a crippling economic war with the United States weigh on Xi Jinping even as he cements his position as China’s most powerful leader since Mao.

Economics & Finance

A China Blockade of Taiwan Will Hurt Us All

Pushan Dutt

The global economy will bear the consequences of an all-out economic war between the United States and China should the latter try to shut off Taiwan.

Economics & Finance

Biden’s Misguided Tax on Share Buybacks

Theo Vermaelen

The Biden administration’s ideological distaste for companies purchasing their own stock may do more harm than good.

Leadership & Organisations

What It Means to Lead in a Multipolar World

H. Falcão, M. Le Menestrel

By overcoming our fears and creating a brave space for dialogue, we can relate and lead better in the new multipolar world.


Russia’s War on Ukraine: First Lessons and Outlook

Michael A. Witt

Russia loses big, China gains, and win-lose becomes a new normal.


Why Firms Should Care About the Career Stage of China’s Officials

X. R. Luo, D. Wang

Tasked with a broad range of objectives, government officials will prioritise different ones depending on their career stage and mobilise firms accordingly.