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Private equity

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Economics & Finance

The Politics of Mutual Fund Managers’ Voting

M. Massimo, L. Zhang

Fund managers’ politics sway the way they vote, impacting company governance at the expense of company performance.


The Promise of Brazil's Green Economy

L. Felipe Monteiro

Brazil’s green economy has immense potential – but can it be realised?

Economics & Finance

Pay Attention to the Details

Shiwon Song

Focusing on the right information can pay dividends for any investor.

Economics & Finance

Why Demographics Matters More Than Ever for Businesses

C. Zeisberger, D. G. Munro

How understanding expanding and shrinking population subsets could help business and investors identify opportunities to pursue and pitfalls to avoid.

Economics & Finance

The Future of Energy Transition and Climate Finance

Lily Fang

What more can companies and investors do to facilitate the transition to cleaner energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Economics & Finance

Why Did Silicon Valley Bank Collapse?

L. Fang, K. Snellman, C. Zeisberger, D. G. Munro

Risky investments and a lack of regulatory oversight contributed to the failure of Silicon Valley Bank.
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A Foot in the Door: Strategies to Connect With Investors

Balagopal Vissa

Even modestly connected entrepreneurs are six times more likely to succeed in accessing early-stage investors – if they push the right buttons.