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Strategic Agility

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Leadership & Organisations

Tackling the Third Sales Transformation

Jean-Claude Larreche

A new business reality has shifted the role of sales professionals within firms.


INSEAD Insights: March 2024 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on the gender gap in start-ups, conspiracy theories, stock price predictions, improving supply chain networks and more.


Chinese Automakers’ Secret to Scaling Up Electric Vehicles

Chengyi Lin

How China’s electric vehicle sector drove to the front of the pack.

Leadership & Organisations

Let’s Get Specific About Kindness in Business

Nadav Klein

Being kind in business has its limits – here’s why you shouldn’t go overboard.
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Boeing’s Tragedy: The Fall of an American Icon

Y. Doz, K. Wilson

The recent Alaska Airlines incident is just the latest in a string of sometimes tragic mishaps by the aircraft manufacturer – where did it all go wrong?


Why Some CEOs Are More Likely to Downsize

Guoli Chen

A firm’s decision on whether to downsize when facing performance shortfalls may depend on the CEO’s internal attribution tendency.

Leadership & Organisations

Leadership Challenges When Companies Merge

Andy J. Yap

Lessons from an Indonesian telco merger success: When organisations merge, people must come together.

Leadership & Organisations

How Leaders Can Effect Change by Changing Themselves

Narayan Pant

A four-step framework to help leaders look inwards to better lead organisational change.

Leadership & Organisations

INSEAD Insights: January 2024 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on enhancing experiences, gender wage transparency, long-term planning, networks and the dangers of flattery.

Economics & Finance

Thawing US-China Relations: Competition Meets Interdependence

Pushan Dutt

What are the biggest wins from the Biden-Xi meeting on the sidelines of the APEC Forum?


How Overconfidence Affects CEOs’ Investment Decisions

Guoli Chen

In uncertain climates, overconfident CEOs tend to invest less in assets that allow a firm to maintain strategic flexibility compared to non-overconfident CEOs.


AI Is Coming for All Our Jobs... Or Is It?

Rachel Eva Lim

How leaders, employees and organisations can better prepare themselves for the impact of AI.

Leadership & Organisations

How Networks Actually Harm Organisations

Jason P. Davis

Digital technologies create digital relationships that limit companies ability to innovate and change.

Leadership & Organisations

INSEAD Insights: November 2023 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on human morality, publishing cycles, manufacturing in low-income markets, virtual assessments in acute care services and sarcasm.


Regrowing Local Roots

Yves Doz

Why and how to reinvent multinational management skills