Atalay Atasu

Atalay Atasu is the Bianca and James Pitt Chair in Environmental Sustainability at INSEAD and a visiting professor of Technology and Operations Management. He was recently elected President of the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (M&SOM) Society.

Dr. Atalay Atasu's research focus is on socially and environmentally responsible operations management, with topics of interest including the circular economy, extended producer responsibility, and environmental regulation. His research appeared in Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Harvard Business Review and California Management Review. He received a number of awards, including the Wickham Skinner Best Paper Award (winner 2007, runner up 2014), Wickham Skinner Early Career Research Award (2012), and Paul Kleindorfer Award in Sustainability (2013). He serves as Editor for the POM Sustainable Operations Department, and as associate editor for MSOM.

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