Enoch Li

Enoch Li is the Director and Chief Bearer of Synthesis, Founder of Bearapy and a Leadership Consultant at INSEAD Global Leadership Centre.

Enoch is the bearer of all tidings, and not afraid to say the tough thing to those who need, but may not want to hear it. She is passionate about strengthening employee wellbeing through stress management and burnout prevention, leading to higher employee engagement and business productivity.

Enoch has 12+ years of experience in global banking, management and consulting across Asia and Europe with multinationals, governments and start-ups. Her expertise is in the big picture—incubating corporate culture and aligning internal management on their visions. Previously she was an International Manager at HSBC, assuming a variety of roles in management, sales, client relationship, diversity & inclusion and project management. She is also a Leadership Consultant at INSEAD Global Leadership Center, specialising in group dynamics and the exercise of leadership and authority.

She holds a Masters in Law (Hons) from the University of London, an Executive Masters in Coaching and Consulting for Change (Distinction) from INSEAD and has completed Level I of Play Therapy Certificate by the Canadian Association for Play Therapy. Enoch is certified in multiple Advanced Small Group Trainings in the Tavistock Style from the A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems. She is also a published author and writer on employee wellbeing, creativity and playfulness. Her latest book, Stress in the City: Playing My Way Out of Depression, discusses the role of play in organisations.

Enoch is married with two children, and spends her down time practising Chinese calligraphy.

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