Henning Piezunka

Henning Piezunka is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD. Before joining INSEAD, he attended the University of Mannheim (Germany), the Institute d'études politiques de Paris (France), the London School of Economics (UK), and Stanford University. He also co-founded a web company that serves clients in more than 60 countries (including the German Chambers of Commerce and the Federal Ministry for the Environment) and employs more than 25 people full time (www.cps-it.de). The company has continued to do well since Henning left in 2008, and it recently celebrated its 17th birthday.

Henning’s teaching focuses on the formation of new business ventures. Prior to teaching the course “New Business Ventures” at INSEAD, Henning taught undergraduates, master students, and executive education students how to build new business ventures. In his teaching, he draws on established best practices, his own entrepreneurial experience, and cutting-edge research, but also interesting insight from other domains that help us to better understand the entrepreneurial process. In addition to being an experienced teacher and entrepreneur, Henning is an accomplished researcher in the areas of innovation, competition, and networks.

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