Ian Potter

Ian is an INSEAD Distinguished Fellow attached to INSEAD's Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI). Based in Singapore, Ian focuses on Impact Investing, Commodities and Private Equity. He is also a Senior Advisor to Morgan Stanley, sits on several Boards of Directors and is the Managing Partner of Lion City Capital.
Ian moved to Singapore with Morgan Stanley in 1994 to lead the founding of MS's consistently top rated principal Commodity trading and derivatives franchise in Asia. In the process he forged strong relationships with stakeholders and clients in the region. In 1997 he established the Tokyo office and subsequently the group's presence in China and India. He served on MS's Asia Executive Committee, Franchise Committee, as the Chairman of Morgan Stanley Capital Group Singapore and on several internal and external boards.
In 2002, he executed the group's first direct investment in the region, leading to a strategic programme of private equity investment in the commodities sector that ultimately invested in excess of $1Bn in equity with significant success in assets ranging from mining and upstream oil & gas, through shipping & marine services and alternative energy. Since 2009 he has focused on the group's PE efforts and managing its portfolio of invested companies.
Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Ian worked in northern Pakistan with the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme establishing a 'Microfinance' village banking programme; and in finance in London and New York. Ian has also worked in silver and coal mines in Canada.
Ian graduated from Queens University at Kingston with a BA (Econs) and holds an MBA from INSEAD (1993).
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