Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson is an American PhD Student (1st year, Marketing) with a BA in Political Science and Economics from Swarthmore College (2013).  In 2011, he began part-time work with a crisis management/marketing strategy firm, Temin and Company, in New York, NY.  As his involvement there bloomed into full-time work after graduation, he spent this time working on high-level research projects and penning articles on digital marketing and social media strategy (Including publications on Forbes.com; Bloomberg; and others).  He also spent a summer as a Research Assistant at Columbia University under Prof. Keith Wilcox, working on studies related to self-esteem, self-control, and luxury goods. By fall 2013, he became the lead social media strategist at Temin and Company, where he has worked for three years orchestrating their digital research efforts and all of the company’s digital efforts for their clients. His research for them concerned the spread of information online and their impact on the reputations of individuals and organizations. As a PhD student, his current interests are also rooted in social media, and revolve around word-of-mouth marketing, rumors, goals, reputation, self-esteem, self-control, and prosocial behaviors.

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