Julien Clément

Julien Clement studies organization design and its impact on collaboration within and across organizations. He is generally interested in understanding the link between formal organizational structure and informal social relationships: how does an organization’s structure affect how its members form relationships and develop routines? How can it help them adapt these routines when environmental demands change? And when can organizations thrive without any formal structure? 

Julien investigates these issues through a ‘micro-analytic’ approach: rather than study organizations as broad aggregates, he starts by observing social interactions among individuals and tries to understand how organizational structure enables these interactions to aggregate into organizational outcomes. His work has relied on a variety of analytical methods (network analysis, agent-based models, big-data analytics) applied in a variety of contexts including the television game-show industry, professional videogaming (e-Sports) and mobile healthcare in Africa. Most recently, Julien started studying how the deployment of artificial intelligence inside organizations may affect collaboration and learning among their members.

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