Lindsey Cameron

Lindsey D. Cameron is an Assistant Professor of Management at the Wharton School. Her research focuses on how changes in the modern workplace (e.g., algorithms/machine learning, short-term employment contracts, variable pay) affect work and workers. She recently completed a three-year ethnography of the ride-hailing industry -- the largest employer in the gig economy -- exploring how algorithms are fundamentally reshaping the nature of managerial control and how workers navigate the workplace. Her research programme is motivated by identifying and understanding how these changes affect how work is being organised and experienced by workers.

Lindsey teaches courses in managing human capital for emerging enterprises and qualitative research methods. In her prior career, Lindsey spent over a decade in the US intelligence and diplomatic communities as a technical and political analyst and completed several overseas assignments in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. She holds a PhD in Management from the University of Michigan, MS in Engineering Management from the George Washington University, and an SB from Harvard University in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She also studied Arabic intensively at the American University of Cairo.

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