Lionel Frankfort

As consultant and coach, Lionel Frankfort’s mission is to foster wholehearted leadership and culture performance for flourishing businesses, servicing communities and the environment.

He leads the company LIFRAN supporting business leaders transforming their organization on several topics: corporate culture, distributed leadership, purpose, employee engagement and well-being, and equity, diversity and inclusion.

The central question he has been exploring for the last 10 years is what makes that a human system (an organization) changes path in a coordinated and efficient way. It seems clears that management based on logic and rationality (more mechanical) should be complemented with inspiring and wholehearted leadership and organizational models. These will effectively help us meeting the environmental and social challenges we face.

Lionel received a Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD (EMCCC’17). He is also active in social entrepreneurship and philanthropy, and was visiting professor at ie Business School in Madrid.  He happily lives with his family in Brussels.

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