Marc Le Menestrel

Marc Le Menestrel is an Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD. He teaches and coaches senior executives and board directors on high level performance and leadership as well as the exercise of wise power in governance, sustainability, anti-corruption and risk management. Leading companies and academic institutions are using his expertise and innovative pedagogical approaches to inspire leaders, organizations and directors in search of both performance and meaning.

As a decision scientist, Marc's research is focused on the theory of choice; the confluence of rational thinking and ethical values in decision making; and the use of mathematical theories of measurement to articulate the subjectivity of human behaviour.

His work has been published in academic journals such as Psychological ScienceThe Journal of Mathematical PsychologyTheory and DecisionDiscrete MathematicsThe European Journal of Operational ResearchThe Journal of Economics and Business OrganizationsThe Journal of Business EthicsEcological EconomicsBusiness Ethics: A European Review.

Marc Le Menestrel holds a Ph.D. in Decision Sciences from INSEAD. He has a graduate degree from the Paris Graduate Management School and an undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics from University Paris VI.

Marc is an avid rock climber. As a former professional athlete, he has travelled extensively, opening and repeating some of the most renowned and hardest climbing routes in the world.

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