Natalia Karelaia

Natalia Karelaia is an Associate Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD where she teaches Negotiations and Managerial Decision Making. Before joining the faculty at INSEAD, she was an Assistant Professor at Université de Lausanne, Switzerland. She received her PhD in Management from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, and was a visiting scholar at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University.

Professor Karelaia’s research combines psychology and economics to understand how people make decisions and to help them improve their decision making. Among other topics, she investigates the effect of competition on motivation, trust, risk taking, and unethical behavior. She also studies how and why men and women behave differently in competitive environments and under what conditions the differences tend to disappear. Last but not least, Professor Karelaia’s current research seeks the ways to promote prosocial behavior. Her research has been presented at numerous international conferences and published in leading academic journals including Organization Science, Psychological Review, Psychological Bulletin, Management Science, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Professor Karelaia is a member of the Academy of Management, the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, European Association for Decision Making, and other professional associations. She is also interested in clinical approaches to individual and group coaching.

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