Robert Ayres

INSEAD Emeritus Professor, Visiting Professor Chalmers University Gothenburg (Sweden), Professor Ayres joined INSEAD in 1992, becoming the first Novartis (formerly Sandoz) Chair of Management and the Environment, as well as the founder of CMER. He directed CMER from 1992-2000, when he retired. He remains an active member of INSEAD, producing numerous publications on topics ranging from Industrial Metabolisms and Industrial Ecology, through Environmental Policy and Technology Evaluation, Economic Growth and Environmental Regulation, Environmental Economics, to Eco-restructuring.

Professor Ayres holds a PhD in Mathematical Physics from Kings College, University of London, a MSc in Physics from the University of Maryland and a BA, BSc from the University of Chicago. He is an Adjunct Professor of Mineral Economics at Pennsylvania State University and Visiting Professor at Chalmers University Gotheburg. His former positions include, among others, that of Professor of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, and Deputy Leader of the Technology-Economy-Society Program, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria. From 1994-1997 he was a member of the International Advisory Board to the Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Energie und Umwelt, Germany.

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