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War for Talent

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The Secret Ingredient For a Successful Career Change

Winnie Jiang

Why some people seamlessly switch occupations while others struggle to reinvent their careers.


AI Is Coming for All Our Jobs... Or Is It?

Rachel Eva Lim

How leaders, employees and organisations can better prepare themselves for the impact of AI.


The World’s Most Talent Competitive Countries, 2023

B. Lanvin, F. Monteiro

The tenth anniversary edition of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index reveals changing attitudes and persistent trends.


Shareholder Activism at What Price?

Philipp Meyer-Doyle

Financially driven campaigns waged by institutional investors against companies can lead to more workplace illness and injury.


INSEAD Insights: October 2023 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on bias in employee evaluations, shareholder activism, children’s mental health, the meaning of work and knowledge weighting.

Leadership & Organisations

Making Stress Work for Organisations

F. J. Nitsch, L. V. Wassenhove

Moderate stress boosts performance. But can companies determine “optimal" stress levels for their employees?


Are Multiple Job Interview Rounds Really Necessary?

Chengyi Lin

How companies can simplify the process without compromising their evaluation of candidates.

Leadership & Organisations

Solving the Problem of Remote Work

Mark Mortensen

A framework to help leaders approach the topic more holistically and effectively.

Economics & Finance

Covid-19 Furloughs Helped Firms Thrive

M. Bennedsen, B. Larsen, I. Schmutte, D. Scur

Even keeping low-wage workers on the payroll yielded benefits after Covid-19 restrictions ended.


A Holistic Approach to Navigating the New Workplace

Mark Mortensen

How to foster a thriving and sustainable workplace culture to contend with the realities of the new office.


A Flexi-Work World Needs New Performance Appraisals

Chengyi Lin

Adopting the right metrics could help align objectives and encourage more companies to embrace flexible work arrangements.


Intellectual Honesty Is Critical for Innovation

Nathan Furr

Here’s how to balance psychological safety and intellectual honesty for better team performance.


Demystifying China’s Internet Giants

Guoli Chen

A behind-the-scenes look at what makes or breaks China’s Big Tech flagbearers and their foreign exploits.


What’s Behind the Tech Layoffs?

C. Lin, A. Fatás, H. Bresman, M. Mortensen, W. Jiang

INSEAD faculty on the state of the labour market and what’s to come for firms and employees.


China’s Internet Giants: The Nuts and Bolts of Going Global

G. Chen, J. Li

The lowdown on how ByteDance, Shein and Xiaomi succeeded outside of China while WeChat failed.