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Benjamin Kessler


Benjamin Kessler is a research communications and outreach officer at George Mason University School of Business. He was the managing editor of INSEAD Knowledge.

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Bringing DEI into the Core of Our Institutions

M. Akinola, Z. Kinias, M. Norton, B. Kessler

Implementing DEI concepts effectively in business-school classrooms requires support from both institutions and the wider community.


The Neuroscience of Eating

B. Kessler, H. Plassmann

An entire biological ecosystem – encompassing complex connections between our gut and brain – underpins our daily food choices.


Nudging Kids to Their Highest Potential

H. Plassmann, B. Kessler

How a top global NGO uses behavioural science to support parents and educators in some of the most challenging contexts.
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All Hands on Deck for the Circular Economy

B. Kessler, L. Van Wassenhove

The key to achieving zero-waste is a systems approach where all stakeholders – including academics – work together to the same ends.


Who’s Afraid of the Experience Economy?

Benjamin Kessler

Great brand experiences drive better business outcomes, during the pandemic and beyond.
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Scorched-Earth Strategic Thinking for Covid Times

“Disrupt yourself first” is so five years ago. The new motto is “Burn your company to the ground then rebuild it.”