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Our Best of 2020: Leadership Between Two Worlds

INSEAD Knowledge Editorial Staff |

This year's top articles take stock of the Covid-19 crisis, its future impact and the way forward.

The year’s top INSEAD Knowledge articles took stock of the Covid-19 pandemic’s shattering global impact, while imagining what life will look like when the smoke clears. From forms of emotional coping to strategic solutions for business recovery, INSEAD faculty offered insights on adjusting to profoundly disrupted lifestyles and working conditions. At the same time, they reminded us that the post-Covid world is, to a great degree, a work in progress. It’s up to us.


W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, INSEAD Professors of Strategy and Co-Directors of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute; and Mi Ji, Senior Executive Fellow at the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute

A blue ocean mindset uncovers hidden opportunities amid the Covid-era economic crisis.

Ella Miron-Spektor, INSEAD Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, and Wendy Smith, Professor of Management at the University of Delaware

When resources are scarce, what is the best way to thrive?

Andy J. Yap, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Academic Director, Centre for Organisational Research; and Charlene Y. Chen, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Nanyang Business School

The rush for toilet paper and other necessities in the face of COVID-19 is a natural behavioural response to the loss of psychological control.

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries, INSEAD Distinguished Clinical Professor of Leadership Development and Organisational Change

Having exposed society’s dysfunction, the COVID-19 crisis invites us to rethink our future.


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