Ben M. Bensaou

Ben M. Bensaou is Professor of Technology Management and Professor of Asian Business and Comparative Management at INSEAD. He was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Harvard Business School for 1998-1999, a Senior Fellow at the Wharton School of Management for 2007-2008 and a Visiting Scholar at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley for 2013-2015.

Ben's research on buyer-supplier relations in the U.S. and Japanese auto industries has won him the Best Doctoral Dissertation Award in the field of information systems and a finalist award for the Free Press Award for outstanding dissertation research in the field of business policy and strategy.

His publications include papers in Academy of Management Journal, Management Science, Information Systems Research, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of International Business Studies, Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review. 

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