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Leaving a Lasting Leadership Legacy

Adaptation, reflection and stewardship are forward-looking life lessons.


The World’s Most Innovative Countries, 2019

R.Noyes, B. Lanvin

Continuing innovations in health and medicine have led to economic growth and a better quality of life for many around the world. But inequalities could grow rapidly.
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Y Combinator Accelerates the Hunt for Unicorns

Faced with increasing competition, the leading accelerator is making start-up know-how widely available as it searches for the next Airbnb.


Can Emotion Be Automated?

Chengyi Lin

The emotional literacy gap between bots and humans is expected to narrow, thanks to a series of technological advances.


The State of the Blockchain Revolution

Don Tapscott

Bitcoin was just the beginning of blockchain-driven disruptive innovation.


Blockchain Is a Technology for Collaboration

The unique strength of blockchain is authenticating “stuff” to enable trust between partners.
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Leadership & Organisations

Building Gender Balance Against the Odds

B Kessler, C Cortland, Z Kinias

To enable women’s advancement where it’s needed most, individual, interpersonal and institutional changes are required.

Leadership & Organisations

What Makes for Inclusive Working Cultures?

B. Kessler, C. Cortland, Z. Kinias, E. Sherman

Interventions designed to increase women’s cultural fit can also create a better working environment for everyone.

Leadership & Organisations

The Pivotal Management Challenge of the AI Era

Managers and leaders have nothing to fear from AI – except missing out.


Global Open Innovation in the Silicon Valley of Sport

One of the world’s biggest football clubs has set out a pioneering collaborative strategy of innovation.

Economics & Finance

Creating More Economic Equality for Women

B Kessler, C Cortland, Z Kinias

How to address resource-based gender gaps across a wide variety of contexts.

Leadership & Organisations

Freeing Women – and Men – From Gender Stereotypes

B. Kessler, C. Cortland & Z. Kinias

Research from INSEAD’s 2nd annual Women at Work conference offers practical solutions for establishing gender-balanced workplace norms.

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