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Preparing Your Firm for AI

Theodoros Evgeniou

Firms looking to leverage the transformational potential of AI should remember that it is still people who determine the context in which the new technology develops and thrives.


Meet the Algorithms Planning Your Next Online Purchase

Pavel Kireyev

AI and machine learning are changing global consumption habits, and companies are playing catch-up.


Leaving a Lasting Leadership Legacy

Adaptation, reflection and stewardship are forward-looking life lessons.


The World’s Most Innovative Countries, 2019

R.Noyes, B. Lanvin

Continuing innovations in health and medicine have led to economic growth and a better quality of life for many around the world. But inequalities could grow rapidly.
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Y Combinator Accelerates the Hunt for Unicorns

Faced with increasing competition, the leading accelerator is making start-up know-how widely available as it searches for the next Airbnb.


Can Emotion Be Automated?

Chengyi Lin

The emotional literacy gap between bots and humans is expected to narrow, thanks to a series of technological advances.


The State of the Blockchain Revolution

Don Tapscott

Bitcoin was just the beginning of blockchain-driven disruptive innovation.


Blockchain Is a Technology for Collaboration

The unique strength of blockchain is authenticating “stuff” to enable trust between partners.
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Leadership & Organisations

Building Gender Balance Against the Odds

B Kessler, C Cortland, Z Kinias

To enable women’s advancement where it’s needed most, individual, interpersonal and institutional changes are required.

Leadership & Organisations

What Makes for Inclusive Working Cultures?

B. Kessler, C. Cortland, Z. Kinias, E. Sherman

Interventions designed to increase women’s cultural fit can also create a better working environment for everyone.

Leadership & Organisations

The Pivotal Management Challenge of the AI Era

Managers and leaders have nothing to fear from AI – except missing out.


Global Open Innovation in the Silicon Valley of Sport

One of the world’s biggest football clubs has set out a pioneering collaborative strategy of innovation.